Fear - digital painting

Entering the Format digital magazine contest

Recently I became a member of Ello, a site for artists to showcase and sell their work that may become my replacement for Instagram. Instagram is frustrating for me (and apparently many others) for several reasons. Mainly because it treats its users like cogs in a giant advertising machine. I’m annoyed that I can’t upload […]

Your Eyes

Your Eyes

  Another love letter to my beautiful girl, this time translated into Serbian. I’m no poet and I haven’t learned much Serbian yet, and I felt really self-conscious sending her the text. (Hope Google Translate did its job well.) Writing love letters is hard. I feel much less confident about my skills in that area […]

two nudes

Oh, snap! Old drawings

While I was looking for an 18×25 drawing pad with blank pages in it this morning, I found one that had sketches in it from my life drawing classes in 2003-04. I know they weren’t from 2005 because that’s the year the central air in the life drawing room broke and wouldn’t turn off in […]

Love Letter

Love letter

A few months ago I got a graphics tablet for my birthday. It had been about 20 years since I last owned one and I really wanted to start working digitally again. A lot of my work has a text element now and it’s much easier to write with a stylus directly on transparent layers […]

What the hell is that?

Every year for Christmas I give art to my parents and sister and maybe a couple of friends.  So the dreaded season has come and gone again with all of the commercials declaring that everyone wants a new iPhone or suggesting that the new model of whatever Lexus will make the perfect gift. Really? Who […]