Fear - digital painting

Entering the Format digital magazine contest

Fear - digital painting

Recently I became a member of Ello, a site for artists to showcase and sell their work that may become my replacement for Instagram. Instagram is frustrating for me (and apparently many others) for several reasons.

Mainly because it treats its users like cogs in a giant advertising machine. I’m annoyed that I can’t upload photos from my laptop, even with the app for Windows. And they don’t allow women’s nipples to be shown in photos alongside their male counterparts, which I think is a puritanical double standard.

Ello seems more about promoting and supporting the work of artists. They send out “Artist Invites” via email to alert members about open submission periods for various digital magazines and online exhibitions.

Today I got one regarding a call for submissions for Format magazine, which is running a contest concerning art having to do with community.

I am submitting the above digital painting, entitled Fear, as well as this one, which I made today specifically for the contest.

Discourse, digital art

These two pieces relate to the idea of community in opposite ways. Fear is a weapon used (from my observation, by governments and mainstream media) to destroy communities. Discourse, a powerful method of constructive communication, can help to build them.

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