What the hell is that?

Every year for Christmas I give art to my parents and sister and maybe a couple of friends.  So the dreaded season has come and gone again with all of the commercials declaring that everyone wants a new iPhone or suggesting that the new model of whatever Lexus will make the perfect gift.

Really? Who gives someone a Lexus for Christmas?

This year my favorite gift was 24oz of Highlander Grog. If someone gave me a Lexus I would hand the keys back and remind the person that I am not the world’s best driver and tend to park inappropriately.

The most fun I had was making my sister’s present – a weird, kind of crappy sculpture constructed from a rusty bird feeder my Mom was going to throw away, a metal doohickey that came from an electrical outlet, and parts from my old iPhone after it stopped working. She had been talking about wanting something to hang on her porch to make solicitors and Mormons think twice about knocking on her door.

By the way, if you’ve ever dropped an iPhone on the floor you would be really surprised how hard it is to smash the screen with a hammer. Not kidding. I know everyone has fantasized about doing this, but if you’re going to hit it hard enough to do that you will need a mighty swing and protective eye wear.

I finally had to pry the damn thing apart with a flat head screwdriver to get inside. Crude, but effective.


The Cage



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