Love Letter

Love letter

A few months ago I got a graphics tablet for my birthday. It had been about 20 years since I last owned one and I really wanted to start working digitally again. A lot of my work has a text element now and it’s much easier to write with a stylus directly on transparent layers than it is to snap photos of handwriting with my phone, transfer files to my laptop, mess around with selection thresholds, blah blah blah.

There were indeed a lot of words I wanted to write, all to a specific person who had effortlessly but completely captured my heart with nothing but the look in her eyes.

I couldn’t tell her how I felt. I was scared. We lived far apart. I’d been around the block a few times and had been knocked around by the dark side of love. And I’d never even heard her voice or know her favorite color. It was foolish.

But I could not. Stop.

Thinking about her.

And I needed to express myself. So I wrote her a love letter. A lust letter. An I-want-to-paint-the-night-with-your-screams letter. And I posted it on Facebook knowing no one could read what it said.


Love Letter

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